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Zodiac Island is a thirty-minute animated/live-action TV series created by Ingrid Sunday Wang and Zodiac Island Group (ZIG) in association with many animation production and distribution companies in USA and China, including WeR1 World TV Network.

The stories of the twelve Kids of Zodiac Island share family values of loving, respect, and ethical behavior while learning to enjoy Nature. The loving, joyful Zodiac Kids are role models for children across the globe, and help everyone realize we are all peaceful, loving, happy beings.

The Zodiac Island franchise is a new paradigm that responsibly delivers quality content through multimedia, entertainment, and merchandising. The Zodiac Kids have have no political or religious ties; instead, they are simply concerned with living happy and fulfilling lives. Zodiac Island is dedicated to providing heart-based, uplifting entertainment - both humorous and inspiring.

“The creator of Zodiac Island TV show, Ingrid Sunday Wang, has combined live action and animation to promote universal, positive virtues to children. With the show’s uplifting character education themes, WeR1 World Network and its subsidiary Zodiac Island Group successfully meet the Educational and Informational programming guidelines.”

Dr. Janice Battenberg, Teacher and Educational Psychologist

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